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About Us

crane family
Built to Last

No matter what we do, we deliver. We aim to be the most reliable crane rental service on Vancouver Island. We've spent the last 30+ years in the commercial fishing industry, defining ourselves as proven leaders and efficient operators. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and honest-to-goodness hard work come naturally to us and we are confident we can deliver on our promise. 

Trent Pitre is the owner of Trent's Truck & Crane Ltd.
Excellence and Professionalism 

I have spent my life creating a career founded on my dedication to providing results through honesty and reliability. I have proven myself to be a competent and safe operator and aim to deliver my services with integrity and trust. I am Cranesafe Certified and my skills as a safe crane operator make me the best man for the job. 

Caitlin Woodbury is an owner of Trent's Truck & Crane Ltd.
Insured and Guaranteed

My unique background in commercial fishing and business administration, combined with my compassion and dedication to results, make this a perfect partnership. I am excited about the ever-changing future of our coast and the vital role we will play in it. 

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